Pretentious Asses and Bragging Rights

Pretentious AssesMy husband and I have been very blessed to have been able to move to another country and to be able to travel around the world.  I wouldn’t trade this life for anything!  We love sharing our adventures with our family and friends and do so by means of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blogging.

But recently a ‘friend’ of ours had told us that “we were pretentious” and said that “we are always bragging about where we are going or where we have been”




adjective: pretentious


1. attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed.

This shocked us that this person would have the gall to even say something like this to us, but it made us wonder why they would say such a thing.  So we stepped back and talked about how a person might come to this conclusion…

After a lot of discussion about this and having asked a few of our other friends and family if we came off that way, we have decided that we are in no way pretentious nor do we brag about our life, but we see where this person may think this.  In fact some of you also may think this way about us, so let me explain why you are wrong about us.

  1. We live in the UK.  You live in the states.
  2. We can hop on EasyJet or RyanAir (it’s the UK’s Southwest Airline) and be in Paris or Italy in about an hour.  You can hop on Southwest and be in Las Vegas or New York in an hour or a few.
  3. We talk about our work.  Our work takes us to awesome destinations. It’s part of our job.  Your job may not do this, but that’s your job.
  4. We can go to Paris or the South of France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Amsterdam for a holiday.  It’s easy to get to by car, plane, train, or ferry ride.  You go on vacation to Mexico, the Bahama’s, Hawaii, Pismo, Big Bear, etc.  These area’s are easily accessible for you to get to.
  5. We can go in to London every day if we want to.  We live here.
  6. We do like the finer things in life, but live on a budget.  You live on a budget, but may think the finer things in life are for pretentious asses.

My point is, we are not in any way bragging.  We are just living our lives.

If you go to Arizona or San Diego, or Florida or Mexico for fun, we are happy for you.  You’re living your lives.  If you go out to have cocktails with your honey and post pictures online for all of us to see, we are happy for you.  You’re having fun and we love watching what our family and friends are up to.

We are not bragging or gloating or being pretentious in any way, shape, or form.  We are merely living our lives.  We just have a different demographic than most of our friends and family.

So if going to Paris, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, etc. because it’s part of our work or because it’s so easily accessible, makes us pretentious asses and shows us to be braggers.  Then so be it.  If you don’t like our life we really don’t care.  You aren’t really a good friend now are you.  You’re jealous of a life you wish you had because you hate your own. Truth hurts.

We are good people who will eventually move back to the states where we will have easy access to Mexico, the Bahama’s, Hawaii, etc. and we won’t travel as much, but by God while we have the chance we are going to see the shit out of the world!

Cheers to enjoying the life you get!

Until next time…



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