NHS as An American Expat Part 2

So I went to my NHS assigned Dr. today.

confused and frustrated

First thing, when you walk through the doors you have to sign in with a touch screen. I don’t mind this, it takes away having to wait in line letting a receptionist know you are there for your appointment.

After that you go to the waiting room which is cold and uninviting.  There are chairs around the walls of the square room with a table full of informational pamphlets (those are hanging on the wall as well), magazines, and toys…lots of toys (full of little kid germs I’m sure).  The walls are a lavender color, which is actually a nice color, but the one picture in the middle of the one wall is a picture of the ocean, or maybe it’s a lake, either way it’s not a sunny picture it’s a drab picture, like the clinic wants you to feel sad, not happy.  It’s a cold atmosphere and I’m not comfortable at this point.

After a brief wait my name appears on a board, no nobody comes out and calls you in.  Still not warm and cuddly, still feeling drab.  It tells me to go see my assigned Dr.  I walk down the hall to his room and open the door.  This is where it gets a little warmer.

The Dr. is pleasant and very young, in which the first thing out of my mouth is “gosh, you’re so young”, in which he reply’s “well, yes”…awkward quietness…his office is bright and a bit more inviting than the waiting room (thank God), and he has me take a seat.  He asks why I am visiting him today and I tell him all of my reasons, in which he replies with the usual “well, let’s get you some blood work done and go from there”. Honestly, I’m there to get some blood work done, but what was weird was that at not one time did he take my blood pressure, my temperature, my weight, and then basically said “if your blood work comes back with something wrong we will call you”.  No ‘hey let’s get the blood work done and then I’ll see you in a week’ no ‘checking of anywhere my body was hurting, etc.  It was the weirdest Dr appointment I have ever been to and I honestly felt like I was being rushed in and out.

So far I’m not liking this NHS stuff.  I miss the Dr’s in the US that at least take some time with you and ask questions and give you a look over.  I’m now feeling even more frustrated and confused…

Anywho…so I have my blood work in the morning.  Looking forward to seeing how that goes.

So far not good…until next time…

Update after I wrote this: According to my Osteopath the NHS doctors only have 4 minutes per patient legally…unless you are dying NHS is great…seriously this is wrong!

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  1. Mom says:

    So goes socialized medicine. Lord!

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