Sep 092015
Christian Persecution and Black Lives Matter

If you stand up for your beliefs as a Christian you will be persecuted in today’s day and age …oh wait that’s actually been going on since the beginning of religion…You would think that as a society that demands that we all get along that this wouldn’t be happening any more, but it is and […]

Jul 232015
White People: It's Not Helping It's Hurting

So I heard about this documentary that Jose Antonio Vargas and MTV were doing called ‘White People’ and at first I was very concerned about it, but then decided to watch it because how could I judge something that I didn’t know anything about right? Well I watched it, and I was absolutely right to be concerned about it. […]

Jun 182015
Media Lies: Shooting In Charleston Hate Crime?

OMG here we go again. The shooting in Charleston is a horrible thing, in fact it’s a tragedy, but the media is up to their old tricks once again.  Check out this picture: What do you see wrong with this picture? Look at the last two bullet points…see it?  RIGHT! They are saying it’s a […]