Aug 262014
Quit Your Complaining About The Ice Bucket Challenge

I’m getting really sick of people bashing the folks doing these ice challenges. Always complaining about how many video’s are on their Facebook feed, how these people are wasting water. I personally don’t watch them all, in fact I just scroll through most of them. I understand why they’re doing it. As for wasting water? […]

Aug 252014
Internet Trolls and Their Annoying Stupidity

Internet Troll: A person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet over extremely trivial issues. Such arguments can happen on blogs, Facebook, Myspace and a host of others. The best thing you can do to fight an internet troll is to not answer..or report them. Lately […]

Aug 212014
My Two Cents

There are a few things going on in the world right now that I would like to give my ‘two cents’, so to speak, on. Let’s start with the beheading of journalist James Foley This group Isis is a down right horrific group of males who claim to be of the Muslim religion, but are […]