Jun 182015
Media Lies: Shooting In Charleston Hate Crime?

OMG here we go again. The shooting in Charleston is a horrible thing, in fact it’s a tragedy, but the media is up to their old tricks once again.  Check out this picture: What do you see wrong with this picture? Look at the last two bullet points…see it?  RIGHT! They are saying it’s a […]

Jun 172015
Why Is America So Divided: Why Categories Hurt Us As a Country

You seriously can’t make anyone happy any more.   You can’t talk about religion, politics, sex, etc. without anyone getting upset about something.  When did America become such a pussified country?  Or yet, when did America become so divided? We put each other in categories, and then when some nut in that category does or […]

Aug 262014
Quit Your Complaining About The Ice Bucket Challenge

I’m getting really sick of people bashing the folks doing these ice challenges. Always complaining about how many video’s are on their Facebook feed, how these people are wasting water. I personally don’t watch them all, in fact I just scroll through most of them. I understand why they’re doing it. As for wasting water? […]