Feb 132016
Trisha's Broccoli Salad With Louisiana Brand Hot Link Sausage and Cranberries

I’ve taken a basic broccoli salad and spiced it up a bit with Louisiana Brand Hot Link Sausage instead of the traditional bacon, and then given it a sweet & sour side with some dried cranberries in the mix.  The blend makes for an interesting yet tasty mix of sweet & sour and spicy. Here’s […]

Jan 032016
Trisha's Low Carb Egg and Bacon Muffins

Here is my recipe for Low Carb Egg and Bacon Muffin’s.  Instead of milk or cream, I added a tablespoon of regular mayo my egg mixture to give it a more rich flavor.  Boy was I right!  These are very rich and flavorful, very low carb, and a quick fix to the regular boring eggs […]

Sep 092015
Christian Persecution and Black Lives Matter

If you stand up for your beliefs as a Christian you will be persecuted in today’s day and age …oh wait that’s actually been going on since the beginning of religion…You would think that as a society that demands that we all get along that this wouldn’t be happening any more, but it is and […]